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Literary Apologetics and Christian Poetics: A Case Study’ David Barratt compares Valentine Cunningham’s In the Reading Gaol with Michael Edwards’ Towards a Christian Poetics.
David Barratt – ’Hardy and Hebrews: Landscape and landmark

John Goldingay – ’The Bible and Sexuality

Roger Kojeckż
T.S. Eliot’s Social Criticism surveys Eliot’s engagements as a Christian with his society and culture, including his contributions to the meetings of the Moot, an élite group which held regular meetings 1938-1947. The digital edition can be found on Amazon Kindle (£1.49)
– ’Knowing Good and Evil: T S Eliot and Lady Chatterley’s Lover first published in ANQ: A Quarterly Journal, Heldref Publications, Washington DC, Vol 11 No 3 Summer 1998, pp. 37-50. Included in the above Kindle edition.
      – ‘Polkinghorne’s chain of connection: Science and natural theology
      – ‘Biblical Decoding
      – ‘Confronting Scientism
         – A Gospel Reading. Book-length discussion of the progressive discovery of the significance of Jesus in the gospels: A Gospel Reading: Believing Jesus of Nazareth is published on Amazon Kindle @ £1.15. It can be read on any Kindle device or on the free downloaded reader.

.Pete Lowman – The Loss of God in the Novel
      –  Western Literature and the Death of God (lecture at Moscow State Linguistic University)
      –  Fictional Absence (a revised PhD thesis)
      –  Chronicles of Heaven Unshackled (Lewis and Tolkien, fantasists)

Walter Nash – ‘The Business of Making and the Matter of Genre: A Soliloquy’

Roger Pooley –Spiritual Experience and spiritual autobiography (on John Bunyan)
     – Doris Lessing: Mysticism and sexual politics

John Waddington-Feather – ‘William Grimshaw of Haworth


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