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The Glass  Issue Number 31, Spring 2019
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Prayer in Anglo-Saxon England
     Paul Cavill

Poetry and prayer in medieval reclusive experience: the  Wooing Group and the audience of Ancrene Wisse
     Alicia Smith

The Form of  Prayer and the Spirit of Prayer: George Herbert and John Bunyan in  Conversation
     David Parry

Poetry and the Language of Prayer and Worship
     David Jasper

Elizabeth Jennings and the Praying Words of Poetry
     Anna Walczuk

Prayer and the role of the ‘Soul-Artist’ in Harriet  Beecher Stowe’s Historical Fiction
     Elizabeth Ludlowt

Iain Provan, The Reformation and the Right Reading of  Scripture – Valentine Cunningham
Susan M. Felch (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to  Literature and Religion – Andrew  Tate
Mark Knight (ed.), The Routledge Companion to  Literature and Religion – Simon  Marsden
Dana Greene, Elizabeth Jennings:’The Inward War’  – Roger Kojecký
Anna Walczuk, Elizabeth Jennings and the Sacramental  Nature of Poetry – Roger Kojecký
Norm Klassen, The Fellowship of the Beatific Vision:  Chaucer on Overcoming Tyranny and Becoming Ourselves – Arabella  Milbank
Nancy Rosenfeld, John Bunyan’s Imaginary  Writings in Context – Ruth J. Broomhall
Philip Ryken, The Messiah Comes to Middle-Earth:  Images of Christ’s Threefold Office in The Lord of the Rings – Caleb  Woodbridge

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