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The Glass  Issue Number 35, Sping 2022
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On the Road
     Valentine Cunningham

Walking with Wild and Weeping Women:
     Exploring Resistance to the Pilgrimage Narratives of
     Margery Kempe and Cheryl Strayed
     Sam Lehman

Traversing Frontiers as a Pícaro:
     Somatic,Societal and Spiritual Journeys in
     Lazarillo de Tormes and Guzmán de Alfrarache
     Sarah Louise Ellis

Melville and the Dilemma of Modernity
     Andrew Carlyle Urban

In Pursuit of Ishmael’s Reading/Writing Ways
     Valentine Cunningham

Review article T.S. Eliot: A Cleric of Sorts
     Roger Kojecký

Book Reviews:
Jonathan Patterson, Villainy in France (1463-1610): A Transcultural Study of
     Law and Literature
Joshua Easterling, Angels and Anchoritic Culture in Late Medieval England
K.K.Yeo, (ed.),The Oxford Handbook of the Bible in China
Ryan J. Stark, Biblical Sterne: Rhetoric and Religion in the Shandyverse
Catherine Conybeare and Simon Goldhill (eds.), Classical Philology and Theology.
     Entanglement, Disavowal, and the Godlike Scholar
J. Louise McCray, Godwin and the Book: Imagining Media, 1783-1836

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