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 Selected Glass articles


Roger Kojecký, ‘T.S. Eliot: A Cleric of Sorts’, The Glass No 35, Spring 2022, pp. 39-44.

Jewel Spears Brooker,  ‘Good and Evil in Eliot’s Letters to Emily Hale', The Glass No. 33, Autumn 2020, pp. 19-25.

Roger Kojecky, ‘T.S. Eliot’s Troubled Spiritual JourneyThe Glass No. 32, Spring 2020, pp. 40-48.

Valentine Cunningham, ‘Derrida Before the Law’, The Glass No 19, Spring 2007, pp 17-28.

Michael Edwards, ‘Lunar Shadows: Reflections on Literary Creation’, The Glass No. 19, Spring 2007, pp. 3-16.

Roger Pooley, ‘”The Kingdom of God is between you” – Bakhtin and the Christian Reader’, The Glass No 18, Spring 2006, pp. 4-12.

Roger Pooley and Paul Cavill, ‘Christian Literary Studies, a discussion paper written for a conference in 2005 of the Christian Academic Network’, from The Glass No 18, Spring 2006, pp. 36-41.

Roger Kojecký, ‘In Contest with Satan: Reading the ur-Gospel’, The Glass No 15, Spring 2003, pp. 3-7.
Review of Barry Spurr, ‘Anglo-Catholic in Religion’: T. S. Eliot and Christianity, The Glass No 23, Spring 2011

S J Masson, ‘Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy’, The Glass No 15, Spring 2003, pp. 18-23.

Margaret Keeling, 'The Collapsing Canary' - the Novelist and the Approaching End: Apocalyptic Imagination in William Golding and Flannery O'Connor, from The Glass No 14, Winter 2001 - Spring 2002, pp. 3-12.

Antony Billington,‘Christian Cartography: Mapping Biblical Literature and Theology with Kevin Vanhoozer.’ The paper introduces the work of Kevin Vanhoozer (next item), and was given at the CLSG day conference in 2000. From The Glass No 13, Winter 2000, pp. 12-24.

Kevin Vanhoozer, ‘Body-piercing, the Natural Sense, and the Task of Theological Interpretation: a Hermeneutical Homily on John 19:34.’ The complete version is published in the Spring 2001 issue of the journal Ex Auditu. From The Glass No 13, Winter 2000, pp. 25-44.

Beth Swan, ‘Clarissa: Saint or Sinner? Richardson and Eighteenth Century Ideologies of Virtue’, The Glass, No. 12 Winter 1999, pp. 13-25.

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