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Conference Booking

The conference fee for all attending is 22, concessions 18, and includes a buffet lunch in College. There is no requirement for those attending to offer a paper. The fee is payable by 28 October, and pre-booking is essential.

There’s a concessionary rate (12) for a new CLSG membership available on application in conjunction with conference booking. A new or lapsed member can benefit from more than a year’s membership (to December 2024) while saving 4.

Conference booking and joining

Non-member conference including buffet lunch


Member, student


Join/rejoin and receive 2 consecutive issues of The Glass


Ditto, overseas postal address


UK student: join and receive 2 consecutive issues of The Glass


We are not a registered merchant for direct credit card payments. However PayPal account holders can draw on their linked bank and credit cards when making payments. Simply sign onto your PayPal account and send the appropriate fee to secretary@clsg.org. It may help if you add an explanatory message, e.g. Student at – .

For low-cost international payments by other means we have set up receiving accounts for the CLSG in Brussels, New York and Melbourne (or use an existing Wise account).Send in your local currency. Within the UK, online bank payments can be sent by electronic funds transfer to the CLSG account. Details available on request.

Payments need to be identified e.g. using the PayPal message box. We need the name and email address of attendees, and a completed membership application form for those opting to join.

Roger Kojecky


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