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Heaven and Nature

Saturday 7 November 2020
virtually at Corpus Christi College, Oxford

It seems  likely that continuing pandemic restrictions on travel and meetings will cause us to hold a video conference for 40 people virtually at Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

We are extending the deadline for the Call for Papers from 31 May to 30 June. Proposers of papers may wish to know what is planned, and if they decide to proceed, send an email by 30 June to Dr Roger Kojecky (secretary@clsg.org) .Your proposal should give a provisional title, should state in about 150 words how you will tackle your topic, and in up to 100 words give information about your background.

If for any reason you do not wish your paper to be considered for publication in The Glass you need to say so at the time you submit your proposal. We will respond in July to say whether the proposal for your paper of up to 4,000 words has been accepted. We shall favour proposals which relate to the topic as described, and accord with our strapline Exploring Christian and Biblical themes in literature.

In your email state whether, if your offer of a paper is declined, you will wish to register in October for the conference and attend the Zoom discussion on 7 November.

Take part without giving a paper
Anyone wishing to apply for registration should do so on 19-20 October. When we reply a day or so later to say whether you have been successful send a fee of 5 payable e.g. by PayPal (which allows bank card payments to signed-up PayPal account holders). Holders of a PayPal account can simply pay to secetary@clsg.org. For international payments we have set up receiving accounts for the CLSG in Brussels, New York and Melbourne. In the UK, online bank payments can also be sent by electronic funds transfer to the CLSG account with Barclays Bank.
Please do not send money unless you have been accepted. We will not send joining details to those who have not been accepted, and we will not refund money sent without prior acceptance.

We plan to distribute the papers on 26 October, and on 7 November up to 40 participants will take part in the virtual conference by Zoom. The start time is likely to be 13.00 GMT which is 14.00 in Paris, 8.00 in New York, 05.00 in California, 21.00 in Beijing and midnight in Sydney. The duration will depend on the number of papers and amount of discussion. There will be two sessions separated by a break, and we’ll aim to finish by 18.00.

We wish to strike a balance between UK and international participants, meaning that it’s possible that not all who apply to give a paper, or apply by 20 October simply to discuss the papers with others, will have their paper accepted or obtain registration. Current CLSG members will be given priority.



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