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The Glass
Journal of the CLSG

Complete issues as read-only PDF:

No 35, Spring 2022 (click to view PDF)
On the Road
by Valentine Cunningham
T.S. Eliot: A Cleric of Sorts
by Roger Kojecky
The Oxford Handbook to the Bible in China
review by Jiapeng Xie

No 34, Spring 2021
Creation and the New Creation in the hymns of Isaac Watts
by Daniel Johnson
J.I. (Jim) Packer
by Valentine Cunningham

No 33, Autumn 2020 Special issue
Daniel Defoe, A Journal of the Plague Year
by Valentine Cunningham
Good and Evil in Eliot’s Letters to Emily Hale
by Jewel Spears Brooker

No 32, Spring 2020
The Challenge of Allegory for John Bunyan and Daniel Defoe
by Valentine Cunningham
T.S. Eliot’s Troubled Spiritual Journey
by Roger Kojeckż

No 31, Spring 2019
Poetry and the Language of Prayer and Worship
by David Jasper
Elizabeth Jennings and the Praying Words of Poetry
Anna Walczuk

No 30, Spring 2018
Scriptural faces and dramatic encounters in King Richard II
by Catherine Lisak
‘No life without stigmata’: the spiritual, the Bible and final regeneration in British expressionist drama
by Claire Warden

No 29, Spring 2017
The Storm-Cloud of the Twenty-First Century:
Biblical Apocalypse, Climate Change and Ian McEwan’s Solar
by Andrew Tate
Geoffrey Hill’s Longing for the End of the Word
by Tom Docherty

No 28, Spring 2016
Robert Southwell’s sermon The Triumphs over Death
by Mike Nolan
Wuldorfęder and Heafonrices Weard: Names for God in Old English Poetry
by Samuel Cardwell

No 27, Spring 2015
Remembering the Lord God of Hosts, with Kipling, Owen and Derrida
by Valentine Cunningham
‘Send forth lightning’: morality, mimesis and rhetoric in the Great War
by Roger Kojeckż

No 26, Spring 2014
Getting There, Getting Where? Bunyan’s Hazardous Pilgrim Way
by Valentine Cunningham
Remembering, Forgetting, and Converting in Guillaume de Deguileville’s
Pčlerinage de vie humaine
by Lynn Muldrew

No 25, Spring 2013
Conversion Narratives in Contemporary Perspective
by David Parry
Victorian Conversion Narratives
by Andrew Tate

No 24, Spring 2012
English Literature and the Prose of the King James Version
by Roger Pooley
Heroism and Hands: the Representation of Heroism in Beowulf and
The Battle of Maldon by Shu-han Luo

No 23, Spring 2011
Quiet Fulness: Divine Symbolism in C S Lewis by Michael Ward
Ubi Sunt and its Analogues in English Verse by Walter Nash

No 22, Spring 2010
After the Garden: Re-Imagining the Fall in Contemporary Fiction
by Andrew Tate
Tolkien: Legends of the Fall
by B.C. Livingstone

No 21, Spring 2009
A Century of Lives of Tolstoy
by Philip Gorski
Walter Nash on the Christian Tradition in English Literature

No 20, Spring 2008
Proust Translating / Translating Proust by Margaret Topping
Beowulf: The Monsters and the Poet by Paul Cavill
Heresies by Walter Nash

No 19, Spring 2007
Lunar Shadows: Reflections on Literary Creation by Michael Edwards
Derrida Before the Law by Valentine Cunningham
Prophetic Voices by Christopher Rowland

No 18, Spring 2006
Christian Literary Studies by Roger Pooley and Paul Cavill
‘The Kingdom of God is between you’ – Bakhtin and the Christian Reader
by Roger Pooley

No 17, Spring 2005
Is this the Way?: the improving fictions of Bunyan, Milton and Philip Pullman, by Margaret Kean
Sublime Allegory in Blake’s Jerusalem, by Susanne Sklar

No 16, Spring 2004
Measure for Measure: Shakespeare’s Essay on Heresy
by A D Nuttall
‘I was guilty’: Interpretation as heresy in John Updike’s Roger’s Version
by Andrew Tate

No 15, Spring 2003
In Contest with Satan: Reading the ur-Gospel, by Roger Kojeckż
St Paul’s Gifts to Blake’s Aesthetic: ‘O Human Imagination, O Divine Body’
by Jonathan Roberts
Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy, by S. J. Masson

No 14, Winter 2001– Spring 2002
‘The Collapsing Canary’ – the Novelist and the Approaching End: Apocalyptic Imagination in William Golding and Flannery O’Connor, by Margaret Keeling
Shandean Mirrors: Puzzles of the Master Analogy, by Mary Douglas

No 13, Spring 2000
Body-Piercing, the Natural Sense, and the Task of Theological Interpretation: a hermeneutical homily on John 19:34 by Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Anglo-Saxon Endings by Paul Cavill
‘This Ever-Doubtful Certitude’: Religious Experience In Geoffrey Hill’s The Triumph Of Love by Richard Brewster

No 12, Winter 1999
Unbelief and Misbelief: The Discourse of Atheism in Seventeenth-Century Literature by Roger Pooley
Clarissa: Saint or Sinner? Richardson and Eighteenth-Century: Ideologies of Virtue by Beth Swan
Derrida, Saussure and the Survival of Scripture by Nick Howard

No 11, Winter 1998
Escape to Wallaby Wood: C S Lewis’s Depictions of Conversion by Michael Ward
From Pillar to Post: A Response to David Tomlinson’s The Post-Evangelical by Kevin Mills

No 10, Spring 1997
Faith Enough to Doubt: Job and the Problem of Evil by William Crawley
‘All Shall Be Well, JB’: A Study of the Literary Heritage of Job by David J Templeton

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