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Shaping Ends: Aspects of Apocalypse

Saturday 5 November 2016
Corpus Christi College, Oxford

Dr Andrew Tate, Reader in Literature, Religion and Aesthetics, Lancaster University
 * ‘The Storm Cloud of the Twenty-First Century: Biblical Apocalypse and Climate Change Fiction’

Dr Roger Pooley, Keele University
 * '“A disaster of Biblical proportions”: apocalyptic, crisis and the everyday'

Dr Simon Marsden, Liverpool University
* ‘Redeeming the End in Contemporary Gothic Fictions’

Dr Victoria Brownlee, National University of Ireland, Galway ‘Reading Revelations: the End in Post-Reformation Literary Culture’

Tom Docherty, Cambridge University
* ‘Geoffrey Hill’s Longing for the End of the Word’

* These papers appear in print in The Glass, No. 29, Spring 2017

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