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The Rhetoric of Prayer

Select bibliography

Numerous Biblical prayers including:
Solomon’s prayer at the dedication of the Temple, 1 Kings 8.
The Lord’s Prayer
Jesus’ ‘high priestly’ prayer in John 17.
The Psalms, especially in The Book of Common Prayer (1549), being the version by Miles Coverdale in The Great Bible (1539); The Whole Psalter Translated into English Metre (Matthew Parker), 1567; A Paraphrase of the Psalms of David (1667); The Scottish Metrical Psalter etc.
The Sidney Psalter (MS late 16C, printed 1823).

Collects and other liturgical prayers in The Book of Common Prayer

Hymns as prayers

Prayers/psalms/poems by
Julian of Norwich
Margery Kempe

Anne Locke, c.f. Isabella Whitney, Lady Mary Wroth, Katherine Philips
Mary Herbert, Countess of Pembroke
Edmund Spenser
John Donne
George Herbert
John Bunyan
Henry King
Thomas Traherne
John Milton
Robert Herrick
Henry Vaughan
John and Charles Wesley
Joseph Addison
Isaac Watts
Samuel Johnson
Christopher Smart

S.T. Coleridge
G.M. Hopkins
Coventry Patmore
Christina Rossetti
Francis Thompson
Emily Dickinson
Alice Meynell

T.S. Eliot
R.S. Thomas
Donald Davie
Elizabeth Jennings
Denise Levertov
Thomas Merton
Geoffrey Hill


Tertullian, On Prayer.
Martin Luther, A Simple Way to Pray (reportedly written at request of his barber).
John Bunyan, I Will Pray with the Spirit (1662), reprinted in George Offor’s three volume edition and in the Oxford Miscellaneous Works of John Bunyan, vol. II.
Robert Burns, ‘Holy Willie’s Prayer’ (parody of a hypocritical prayer).
Hesba Stretton, Jessica’s First Prayer, Religious Tract Society, 1867. Bestselling Victorian tract.
Louis Macniece, ‘Prayer Before Birth’.
Judy Blume, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret (1970)
Alice Walker, The Color Purple (1982) – epistolary novel which begins with letters to God.
Carol Ann Duffy, ‘Prayer’
Kei Miller, ‘Speaking in Tongues’.

Discussions etc.

Lancelot Andrews, Holy Devotions: With Directions to Pray (contains, ‘Directions to Pray’, ‘The Lord’s Prayer Analysed’ etc.) (1630) 1655.
Augustine, Confessions, (passim).
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